August 17, 2022

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Every day, offices send and receive a lot of correspondence. It is an essential part...

Every day, offices send and receive a lot of correspondence. It is an essential part of keeping regular communication and updates between businesses and their customers, employees or shareholders.

One way to make your brand stand out is to customize each envelope you send. Personalizing your business envelopes from immediately conveys a professional brand image. It will ensure that your brand sticks out amongst a pile of letters.

There are 11 ways that you can customize your business correspondence. Let’s take a look below at how to implement each of these options.

1. Add your brand logo to your envelopes


The first sure way to generate increased brand awareness is by inserting your brand’s logo onto your envelope. You can of course go to a professional printer to customize your brand’s envelope designs. However, you can easily do it yourself with a home/office printer and design software such as Canva or Adobe. If you don’t have a subscription to a design software, you can use Microsoft Word.

Having your logo present on your business envelope will ensure that whoever comes in contact with your mail will see your logo and make the connection with your brand. It will convey a professional and streamlined look for your brand. This makes it an effective and simple advertising tool.

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2. Choose a coloured envelope to suit your message

There are many colours to choose from when it comes to envelopes. It’s important to choose a colour that represents your brand and the industry you are in. For example, the medical industry will gravitate towards more neutral, professional tones.

On the other hand, if your brand is a bit more out there, you can afford to insert a splash of colour. Choose a colour that reflects your brand’s colour scheme or evokes a certain emotional response. Bright colours will of course stand out more than more muted tones. Don’t be afraid to be playful with your mail especially if it’s a promotional mail you are sending as it will leave an impression.

3. Add labels to your mail with a label printer


Another great way you can customize your envelopes is to use a label printer. With a label printer, you can print out quality address labels in a style of your choice. This will give a professional and personalized touch to your envelopes. For example, you can print out the address in a particular font or style that reflects your brand. This will give a unique look and feel to your mail.

Likewise, you can add a personalized label of the sender’s name. With a label printer, there are also many free design templates you can source online to jazz up your mail.

4. Choose a quality paper weight

Use a quality paper type for your envelopes that look and feel professional. The most common standard weight is 80gsm or 90gsm. If you want to exceed expectations, opt for a more luxurious paper feel. A paper weight of 100/110/120gsm will feel more deluxe and substantial when the receiver picks it up. It will entice them to open it and leave a lasting impression on a brand’s image.

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If you’re sending an important, fragile document that requires additional protection, a weight above 130 gsm is encouraged. This will ensure your mail gets to where it needs to be with no bad reflection on your brand’s image.

5. Use a colored envelope


There are many different colors available for business envelopes, from bright and bold hues like red and yellow to softer shades like blue or green. You can even use pastel colors like pink or lavender that will catch the eye of anyone who receives them. Whatever color you choose, make sure it matches the other elements of your mail piece so that it looks cohesive when viewed together.

6. Use an eye-catching font for your address

Your return address should be clear and easy to read, but there’s no reason why it can’t be stylish as well! Try using a unique font on your return address that makes your brand pop right off the page (this can also help with branding). And if you’re sending out multiple pieces at once, make sure they all have consistent fonts so they look like they belong together!

7. Use color combinations


Bright colors are a great way to grab attention, but don’t forget about using complementary colors as well. Combining red and green, for example, is a classic combination that will always make your envelopes stand out.

8. Make sure they’re durable

Make sure that your envelopes are thick enough to protect their contents and resistant enough to hold up against wear and tear. If your company sends out a lot of mailings every week, it’s important that you choose an envelope that can withstand constant handling without breaking down or tearing apart easily.

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9. Make them unique


If you have a logo or slogan that you want to use on your envelopes, make sure it’s unique and not something someone else will have. This makes it easier for people to remember who they came from and associate that with your business.

10. Clear and easy to read

Don’t rely on the recipient to be able to read it. Make it obvious what you do and what you want from them by keeping it short and sweet. If you are sending a direct mail piece, make sure there is enough room for them to write their name and address on the return envelope so that you can get back in touch with them if they don’t respond.

11. Use an envelope design that matches your brand

If you’re using personalized envelopes for your business, make sure they match the look and feel of your other marketing materials. For example, if you use colorful stationery for all your correspondence, then you should use colorful envelopes as well. This will help to reinforce your brand identity in people’s minds when they receive mail from you.

We hope you have fun experimenting with personalizing your correspondence and reap the rewards of increased brand recognition and awareness. All of these tips will ensure your brand stands out amongst a sea of letters.