August 18, 2022

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Advertisement Transporting heavy goods to and from facilities like warehouses is an essential part of...


Transporting heavy goods to and from facilities like warehouses is an essential part of many industries. Whether it is eCommerce, logistics, fishing, or timber processing, many industries involve transporting and organizing heavy loads of goods. One thing that enables these industries to move these loads freely and efficiently is industrial heavy load carts.

Industrial carts allow you to lift and transport heavy loads in bulk. Even your best laborers cannot lift more than 100lbs. Thankfully, carts can be used to lift 1000s of pounds at the same time, meaning they can help make operations more efficient overall.

To help you find the right fit for your facility, here are four things you must consider while purchasing heavy-duty carts.

  1. Used vs. new

If you are the business owner or the operation manager, you are responsible for making the warehouse operations more efficient while saving costs. That is why many people get confused about whether to buy new carts or used ones. Though you want to buy new ones, spending huge money on new carts wouldn’t make sense, especially when the used ones are in perfectly good condition.

Many dealers sell used industrial cartsin top condition, and these are often cheaper than new ones. That way, you can make your warehouse operations more efficient by purchasing used carts while saving tons of money.


  1. Load capacity

The primary function of carts is to lift and transport heavy loads. That is why it is essential to check the load capacity. You must ensure the maximum weight of the load.

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You should add an additional load of 25 to 30% to the expected load capacity to ensure the carts won’t break while carrying loads in diverse conditions. For example, if you are looking to efficiently lift and carry the 2000 lbs of load, you must look for a lifting capacity of 2600 lbs.

  1. Power-driven vs. manual

The method of lifting and transport has a significant impact on the efficiency of the operation. Though industrial carts are designed to lift heavy loads, sometimes these heavy loads are impossible to move around with manual labor.

Therefore, you must choose between buying power-driven or manual labor carts that the workers have to push manually. It would be difficult to move heavy loads such as automobile parts or large assemblies with just manual labor. Having power-driven options can help move the cargo faster and save a lot of time and cost.

  1. Work area layout

The layout of your warehouse is one of the most important things you need to consider. The width of the cart can affect its free movement within the facility. It needs to move freely between the aisles, and there should be enough space so that two loads can move between the aisles without colliding on each other or the shelves. Therefore you must study and check the warehouse playbook to find the correct measurements.

Carts are a must-have addition to your warehouse operations. They help transport heavy loads inside the warehouse and organize them efficiently. This allows the facility or operation owners to save plenty of time and cost and improve their warehouse operations.

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