August 18, 2022

5 Ways for Small Companies to Attraction to Their Goal Viewers

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic and employees are gradually returning to the...

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic and employees are gradually returning to the office, company owners are still required to devise a strategy to ensure everyone’s health and safety. 

Although some companies have rules allowing employees to work from home, many business owners continue to explore various alternatives to accommodate the specific needs of their employees and clients.

With safety and hygiene as top priorities these days, here are a few suggestions to spruce up your office for a post-COVID reopening.

  1. Rearrange Office Furniture 

Businesses are required to follow health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes the installation of sanitation areas where employees can disinfect or wash their hands, and ensuring that there’s enough space for employees to work at a safe distance. 

A convenient way to do this is to rearrange your office furniture to comply with social distancing protocols. Desks should be spaced at least six feet apart and hallways must be kept clear. You can also regulate the flow in the workplace by enforcing one-way traffic routes to minimize contact.  

  1. Consider Floor Upgrades For Easier Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace is also another priority at this point. Bathroom counters, pantries, desks, chairs, and common areas must be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Your office might even need a flooring upgrade. Since frequent cleaning is now necessary to keep the workplace sanitized, epoxy floor coating is the ideal choice since it’s easy to clean, resistant to stains, and versatile when it comes to design. Checking out a reliable provider of epoxy flooring Denver would be a good starting point.  

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Aside from the flooring, all other surfaces in the workplace should undergo frequent cleaning, especially in common areas like the pantry and meeting room. Employing a professional to handle cleaning tasks efficiently is also a good option. 

Expert cleaners will guarantee that the workplace remains hygienic. You might want to check out a reliable provider of cleaning services Colorado Springs to learn about cleaning techniques and processes they’re offering to ensure the safety and health of everyone. 

  1. Allot Spaces To Keep Employees Focused  

The challenges brought about by COVID-19 highlighted the need for businesses to be more flexible with a focus on technology. In a task-driven design, what you’ll do is to provide a dedicated quiet zone where your employees can focus and carry out their tasks optimally. One of the benefits is improved productivity.  

  1. Encourage The Use Of Open Meeting Spaces  

Enclosed spaces are considered high-risk areas for COVID-19 infections. With this in mind, it’s best to restructure the work environment with open meeting spaces by using dividing screens.  

You can minimize the chance of infection and promote wellbeing by encouraging shorter standing meetings as well. You can also consider a booking system for meeting spaces to ensure proper scheduling while allowing the rooms to undergo a thorough cleaning after every use. 

  1. Allow Adequate Light In The Workplace  

An open space with the right amount of light can make the work environment pleasant once your office reopens. If the area has access to direct sunlight, try to make the most out of it by installing glass walls. Remember that exposure to sunlight can help provide a positive effect.  

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If there’s not enough sunlight, make sure to provide the workplace with adequate lighting to ensure efficiency and productivity. Incorporating standing glass walls can keep the area bright without adding up to your utility bill. 

  1. Add A Touch Of Greenery 

The addition of indoor plants or other natural elements is becoming a trend in modern offices. The greenery can positively affect the space and boosts its overall aesthetics, but it also provides a therapeutic impact on your employees. Plants have a positive impact and may even reduce mental weariness among your employees.

Bonus Tip: Increase The Availability Of Hand Sanitizers  

This does not improve the aesthetic of your office per se, but it plays a very important function. As people steadily return to the workplace, it’s crucial to maintain hygienic practices by providing additional hand sanitizers throughout common areas such as the reception, break rooms, entrances, restrooms, and conference or meeting rooms to promote good hygiene at all times. Additionally, you may give employees hand sanitizers and hand hygiene guidelines to follow in the workplace.

Final Thoughts  

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in all aspects of life, including the work environment. Nowadays, everyone needs to be conscious of proper hygiene and social distancing. Aside from that, the importance of mental health and wellness must be recognized. 

So, before you decide to reopen your office and resume operations in the new normal, consider making the changes discussed above. This ensures the health and safety of your employees and encourages productivity as well.