August 17, 2022

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Advertisement Data-driven performance and automation form the base of warehouse productivity today. Booming e-commerce, stringent...


Data-driven performance and automation form the base of warehouse productivity today. Booming e-commerce, stringent competition, and increasing demand make every logistics, Retail Company, and storage consider warehouse integrated automation technology. They choose strategies that greatly vary depending upon budget and scale.

We will outline the top goals of advanced warehouse automation technologies in this article.

What is Warehouse Automation Technology?

The concept of warehouse automation is not only the use of RFID tags or robotic arms. Warehouse automation technologies and systems development provide huge opportunities to managers and executives in this industry. It helps in addressing various business needs, shaping their fierce edge, and helping companies solve problems.

Warehouse management solution software is a varied category of devices that are desegregated seamlessly into various warehouse operations. They provide executives with better control, and visibility, and they permit them to automate the process of the supply chain from shipping, distributing, and ordering.

JDE upgrade is a common platform that helps executives automate and plan the daily routine of the warehouse, manage staff, create specific workflows, and locate or keep inventory. Various advantages of automated warehouses make it an important toolset for back-office organizations.


Increase Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency

This is among the main reasons why logistics or retail companies have a fully automated system in warehouses. This helps them to know the growing demands of the customer and increase efficiency in the operations. Advanced warehouses today allow immediate resupply and restocking and also allow same-day delivery.

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Increase Labor Management

A large amount of warehouse automation is focused on the employees. Automation does not take over employees’ jobs, but robots, drones, and mobile helps in cutting the down time of site-commute. It also allows for managing and employing people in the warehouse operation department.

The employees in return are doing work in an intellectual environment and are more energized due to the fact that the mundane part of their jobs is taken over by automation. They are even motivated in improving their skills further.

Improved Safety

Warehouse automation provides increased safety for products and employees both. Warehouse operations are associated with high-risk factors such as operating with high racks, heavy pallets, toxic chemicals, and in a high traffic environment. Nowadays robots can perform most of the jobs thus removing risk factors for the employees.

Reduce Errors

Different apps or drones for automatic inventory are provided with a barcode reader. The primary look out of the automation of the inventory is to improve control and precision over product and storage. This in turn provides a reduction in waste and losses.

Digital automation unleashes multiple new opportunities too. They help in keeping a consistent work performance by drones and robots. By using data that are collected by various onsite systems such as fleet tracking, traffic, usage of space, etc., and advanced tools, employees can understand in a better way how to optimize the layout of the warehouse, optimize maximum performance, and adjust different processes.

Scale Operations Faster

Warehouse automation can easily scale down or scale up the products according to the change in demands of customers while employees focus on more customer-oriented activities, for example, holiday packaging, customer service, etc.

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Automation provides resilience to any unexpected changes. Spike in product demand, sanitization, social distancing, and new safety in the pandemic has blown hard on the warehouses that are fully human-operated. Whereas, the firms who had robotic controls for the operations and inventory concurred no loss and were absolutely better prepared.

Increase Sustainability

Warehouse automation technologies and management solutions help the employees to get close to the environmental goals. They provide condition monitoring, predictive analysis, and smart management of the warehouse systems. This helps the managers to maintain better control of the resource usage of warehouse, inbuilt the primary green practices like reusing and recycling and optimize the space use of the warehouse.

Using AI technologies and IoT data for predictive maintenance and monitoring conditions, employees optimize the usage of various machineries, make sure that the warehouse infrastructure is working, and prevent downtime.

Looking for a reliable tool or platform for warehouse automation technologies? JDE upgrade will be the most efficient one!