August 15, 2022

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Advertisement There are plenty of rumours around the cryptocurrency market that the other digital tokens...


There are plenty of rumours around the cryptocurrency market that the other digital tokens are not affected by the prices of bitcoins, but these are entirely fake. As a cryptocurrency trader, you must always acknowledge the primary reasons behind the fluctuation of prices of different digital tokens. In the cryptocurrency market, you will find that the digital token prices fluctuate whenever the bitcoin has price fluctuations. The cryptocurrency traders from different nations may not pay much attention to this thing at, but it is quite a crucial thing to pay attention to. A significant reason behind the same is that bitcoin has always been the dominant digital token all over the market.

In the cryptocurrency market, there are many options for you to trade, but people prefer going with bitcoins. The primary reason is that bitcoin is beneficial and leads the market. Have you ever pondered why this is the case? Well, indeed, you would not bother yourself to understand why bitcoin is the market dominator. Well, it is crucial because it will help you understand how the prices go up and down all the time. Also, bitcoin leads to the fluctuation in prices of different digital tokens, which is why it is crucial to understand the mechanism of bitcoin itself. If you are aware, it would be easy to trade in the digital token. So, some of the prominent reasons why bitcoin leads to fluctuation in the market are given below.

Technology derivation

The derivation of the technology for all the cryptocurrencies spread in different nations is none other than the bitcoin technology. Bitcoin was the first digital token to come into the market; therefore, it was the first to explore technological advancements. The other companies that came after bitcoin have the exact mechanism. Also, they copy the technology embedded in the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin because it has always been successful and wants to reach its levels.

Dominant market capitalisation

If you do proper research over the internet, you will find that the dominance of bitcoin over the cryptocurrency market is higher. The cryptocurrency market capitalisation is taken over the bitcoin. The high amount of market capitalisation entirely points out the dominance of bitcoin. If the price of bitcoin is high and also, it is the largest shareholder in the cryptocurrency market, it is going to have an impact on the whole cryptocurrency market.

The Blockchain

Blockchain is another prominent reason for the other digital tokens to copy bitcoin. The prices of different cryptocurrencies fluctuate along with the bitcoin because the Blockchain is the basis for all of them. Most of the time, bitcoin prices fluctuate because of the demand and supply and some global events.


At the same time, Blockchain technology, which works under bitcoin, also affects the prices of other digital tokens. Because its mechanism spreads throughout all digital tokens; therefore, their price gets affected along with the bitcoins.

The base for tech advancements

The concept of making a technological advancement is the same as bitcoin only. Even though the other digital tokens kept making advancements, when it comes to substantial technological advancements, none can match the excellence of bitcoin. Bitcoin keeps reducing the rewards after every four years for the cryptocurrency miners, and other digital tokens very well follow this mechanism.

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It is significant from this thing that the other cryptocurrencies follow the price movements of the bitcoins all the time. So even if there might be a difference in the degree of fluctuations, the price movement direction will be the same.


The trend of cryptocurrencies was first brought into the market by bitcoin. Even though it did not become trendy in the initial stages of its creation, it is because people are aware of this incredible technology. You must understand that when something becomes a trendsetter, it becomes the market element which also gives price fluctuations to the other elements.

One of the primary reasons why most people prefer trading in cryptocurrencies is because of bitcoin. It was the first one to exist, and also, it was the first to make people aware that they could trade in something very beneficial and make them millions overnight.