June 26, 2022

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Getting a hospital bed can be pretty expensive for some people. Especially when it comes to buying one, even if you plan to rent a hospital bed Toronto, it doesn’t come cheap. That’s where people come up with the question, whether insurance pays for hospital beds or not.

So, if you are wondering the same thing, I have got some answers for you. Let’s get through it without wasting any time.

Insurance coverage for Hospital beds in Toronto

The good news is that you can get insurance coverage when getting a hospital bed in Toronto. However, this mainly depends on the service you are choosing. At the same time, some rental services can provide you with insurance coverage.

If you have health insurance from an insurance company, you can get insurance coverage on renting or buying a hospital bed. This falls under the “home medical equipment” category of health insurance.

It’s not just about having the insurance; it’s also about the service you choose. Not all services will give you the option to rent a hospital bed with insurance coverage. So, you have to select a service that has the chance of insurance coverage in hospital bed rental.

Typically, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan or OHIP doesn’t cover hospital beds necessity. Along with some other exceptions in their policy. This is why opting for private health insurance is the way to go.

Now, coming to the services, several rental services support personal insurance coverage in Toronto. For example, help mobility is a hospital bed rental service in Toronto that provides insurance coverage for their hospital beds.

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Let’s check out some private health insurance companies you might want to go through.

Some reliable private health insurance companies

There are a lot of private health insurance companies that you can find around Toronto. However, to get the proper plans, you must choose the right one. Here are some of the renowned companies for proper health insurance plans.

Sun life insurance company is a company from Toronto that provides health insurance to people. Their health insurance has coverage for medical health equipment suitable for covering the hospital bed rental.

Another health insurance company can provide you with medical equipment coverage. They are also well-known for reliable insurance plans with great benefits, mainly from Toronto.


All in all, if you have private health insurance covering you up, then you can expect the insurance to pay for a hospital bed in Toronto. As for the OHIP, you don’t get coverage for home medical equipment. So, if you want to have insurance covering your hospital bed rental, make sure to get private health insurance from a reliable source.

While you get that, make sure the insurance company also supports medical equipment coverage. Along with that, you will need to make sure you are choosing a rental service that accommodates the insurance coverage policy in renting their beds.