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Do you know allergies can affect your quality of life? Well, you will find different...

Do you know allergies can affect your quality of life? Well, you will find different options for treating the symptoms of allergy and some necessary steps may help to avoid allergy symptoms from bothering you.

Allergy shots

These are also called allergen immunotherapy that offers a long term treatment solution for the ones who suffer from severe allergy. Allergy shots may lessen the symptoms like:

  • itchy eyes
  • runny nose
  • allergic asthma
  • reactions from venomous insect bites like bee stings

They might work properly for airborne triggers which include:

  • Pollen such as grasses, trees, weds
  • Mold spores
  • dust mites
  • cockroach and pet dander

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Home HEPA filters

Air filters and purifiers have been designed to get rid of allergens from air inside your home. You will find different kinds of air filters and some of them work better when compared to others.

In order to clean air for your house, air filter might be installed in the air-conditioning, heating or ventilation system. If your house has forced air ventilation, then switching the present filter to high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter can actually create a major difference.

HEPA filters can help in eliminating large particles from the air which include:

  • pet dander
  • pollen
  • some kinds of mold
  • dust mites

They may filter small particles such as bacteria, smoke and viruses. If you do not have a forced air system, then you may purchase a portable HEPA filter. These mechanical filters can extract dirty air, trap particles in the filter, and release clean air.

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Hypoallergenic bedding

It is necessary to make your bedroom an allergy-free zone so that you feel better all through the day. Your comforters, pillows and sheets make a cozy home for mold, pet dander and dust mites.

Hypoallergenic bedding is made of materials that offer a barrier against the allergens. This can prevent allergens from accumulating inside the comforters and pillows.

You can clean hypoallergenic bleeding easily and withstand the wear of frequent wash cycle. By washing bedding in hot water, you can avoid further accumulation of allergens.

Hypoallergenic bedding is free of irritating chemicals and it is a good option for the ones who have sensitive skin.


You can stay protected from allergies when you are outside but you should try to make your home allergy-free. Combine together different allergen-reducing techniques for feeling more comfortable. Some of these techniques are the following:

  • Cut down on pet dander. Think of a hypoallergenic dog or give your cat or dog weekly baths for lessening the accumulation of dander.  Consider shaving long hair of your pet and keep dog or cat out of bedroom.
  • Eliminate dust mites. Keep your home clean and dirt-free by getting rid of carpeting and use protective covers on furniture cushions to keep your house completely free from dust mites.
  • Vacuum. Consider vacuuming two times in a week through a vacuum that has HEPA filter to lessen airborne allergens.
  • Dehumidify. Mold thrives in warm and moist environments. Air out from the bathroom after showers or run a dehumidifier to suck the moisture from air.
  • Eradicate houseplants. House plants can make a great home for mold spores and dust mites. You can lessen the number of house plants and get rid of those dried flowers.
  • Control cockroaches. Cockroaches are quite common for urban areas and they set traps to avoid leftover food.


Allergies usually occur when the immune system mistakes harmless substance for foreign invaders. When you come into close contact with allergen, your immune system produces histamine and other chemicals through pre-formed antibodies. Histamine causes certain symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose and itching. Common allergens are the following:

How you can lessen the symptoms of allergy

It is not possible to avoid allergy symptoms and you can treat the symptoms only as soon as they occur. Different prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) options are available which include:

  • antihistamine or corticosteroid eye drops
  • antihistamines (Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, Xyzal)
  • corticosteroid nasal sprays (Rhinocort, Flonase)
  • decongestant nasal sprays (Afrin)
  • corticosteroid asthma inhalers
  • oral decongestants (Zyrtec D, Allegra D)

How to detect what you are allergic to

Detecting the substances you are allergic to is a vital part of allergy treatment. This way, you will be able to prevent them in future.

There are different kinds of allergies and so, you may ask the doctor about the best allergy tests for diagnosing your symptoms. The allergists conduct private allergy testing in London that involve injecting smaller amounts of common allergens to find out whether they provoke a reaction.

According to research, certain food allergies are usually lifelong that consist of allergies to ingredients such as:

  • tree nuts
  • peanuts
  • shellfish
  • fish

Adults might develop allergies during later stages which include allergies or seasonal allergies to certain foods.

Some people might develop tolerance to certain allergens and experience a reduction in the frequency of reactions or severity with age.

This might happen due to age-related changes in the immune function, which changes how your body responds to these allergens. It might also occur due to repeated exposure to allergens in due course.

When you should see a doctor

When you fall sick often or face the symptoms such as difficulty breathing, congestion or coughing, you need to talk to a doctor. Discuss about the allergies you suffer from in your daily life or take OTC medications to deal with the symptoms.

Your allergist will develop a customised plan for your requirement and assess the right treatment for you. It is not possible to get rid of allergies all the time but you may lessen the symptoms. Different steps can be taken to decrease the chances of encountering allergens in your house. It is the combination of different tactics to free your house completely of allergens. Think of immunotherapy treatments for long term and consult with the doctor at Medical Express Clinic to take necessary medications for overcoming the symptoms.

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