August 10, 2022

Greatest Methods To Preserve Nice Buyer Service

One of the main goals all businesses have is to attract a constant stream of...

One of the main goals all businesses have is to attract a constant stream of new customers. However, many don’t give much thought to the welcome process.

If you want your new customers to stay, you’re going to need to give them a reason to. One way to do this is through a well-planned welcome process. So, how should you welcome new clients on board to increase the chances that they will stick around?

Provide a welcome pack

It’s a great idea to include a welcome pack for new clients. You can do this digitally or send a pack through the post. If you have the funds, creating a physical welcome pack will go a long way to helping you stand out from your competitors.

As soon as a new client comes on board, send them a welcome email. This should thank them for choosing you and provide any information they might need. Let them know what they can expect now they are a client, and the services you’ll provide.

If you choose to create a physical welcome pack, you could include a customer support sheet. This should feature useful information such as opening hours, contact information, and your website address.

The welcome pack can be branded for maximum impact. You can get them created for you, or you can use creative software to put one together. Check out the main things that should be included in a client welcome packet prior to putting one together.

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Offer branded freebies

Everybody loves a freebie. So, what better way to create a great first impression than to offer branded freebies to new clients?

They don’t need to be expensive. In fact, one of the best freebies you can give out is a promotional pen. Pretty much everyone uses a pen at some point, so having your brand advertised on them will keep you firmly in a client’s mind. It also increases brand awareness while offering extra value to new customers.

You can offer a variety of freebies such as free badges, mugs, or T-shirts. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find a suitable freebie to offer new clients.

Send them a customer feedback survey

You want to make sure you are giving your new clients a service they want and need. To ensure you do this, it’s a good idea to send them a client feedback survey in their welcome pack. This can ask them what they expect from the service, alongside their main goals.

Once you have the feedback, you can use it to create a personalised service. Giving new clients exactly what they want is a sure-fire way to keep them, and will help you tailor your offering to attract even more clients.

Add a personal touch

If you really want to impress new clients, add a personal touch. Prior to signing them up as a client, did they mention anything about their personal interests? Perhaps they like a certain type of drink, or they support a local sports team? Use what little you know to give them a personalised welcome gift.

This isn’t just going to make them happier. It will also show them that you pay attention to your clients, and you are willing to go the extra mile to please them. This will help massively with client retention. You will find that adding a personal touch in business is highly beneficial to its success.

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Ease clients into your process

Is there anything your clients need to do or learn to use your services? If there is, try to help ease them into the process. All businesses should utilise a client onboarding strategy.

Provide them with the information they will need to use specific tools or software. If you are selling them products, let them know when to expect any goods that they purchase and how the system works.

If your new clients end up totally confused once they are on board, they are likely to jump ship to your competitors. Think about what you would want or need as a new client and go from there.

Securing new clients is just one part of the process. A welcome strategy can help to ensure that you keep them. The above are some of the best ways to welcome new clients to your business. Remember, first impressions count so you’ll want to focus on making the best impression you can at the start of your new client relationship.