August 13, 2022

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Advertisement Our world is globalized. It has lots of benefits but on the other hand,...


Our world is globalized. It has lots of benefits but on the other hand, it has its negative options. Today there is no problem making an order and getting the desired goods as fast as possible from another part of the world. You don’t need to wait months or years. Moreover, you can see and feel the atmosphere of the different regions just by staying at home. So you can test your luck staying at home at PlayAmo casino and might win lots of presents. So you can visit any museum in the world sitting in your armchair at home. 


Globalization is a process of worldwide economic, political, cultural, and religious integration and unification. Globalization of industry and commerce has brought with it many benefits but also a multitude of challenges. Companies that used to work in their local market, now have a network to the world. Basically, they can produce their product anywhere and according to international licenses can deliver their goods to any customer according to the demands. At the same time, in order to reduce costs on different types of goods, the manufacturing sphere can move to cheaper working power countries. Everything will be linked via supply chains. When you are buying a phone in your country that doesn’t produce mobile phones, your price will have costs from logistics and costs from the manufacturer, and some bonus costs from the person who is selling you. 

However, as this globalization supply chain keeps creating its tremendous network over the world, there will be needed new specialists that could control it. So for such specialists, there should be opened new classes at schools and universities in order to keep this network working. 

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management is a relatively recent term that has come into circulation. Supply Chain Management builds a distribution network that delivers the right products to the right places, at the right time at the lowest cost. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well as it is described. There are lots of factors that influence supply chains, starting with logistics itself to the political systems in different countries. Of course, the best system in the supply chain is 3 main options. They are the customer, the manufacturer, and the carrier. But the more demands we have the more complicated this chain. 


Most of the goods today we carry from China in order we send the resources to China to produce them. So there should be constructed the right infrastructure that could work with all the amount. It doesn’t matter whether it is an airport or a seaport. The fact is that the old ones need to be modernized in order to increase their capacity. Sometimes it is almost impossible so we need to construct a new one. It lacks money, materials, and time. So the price grows and your final goods have a higher price in the shop than they should be. 


Indeed, globalization has lots of benefits. It creates the world into a single system. All the world’s technological aspect are rising at the same speed and keeps at the same level everywhere. It also can stabilize economical growth and prevent its fall. The less developed countries have better chances to grow economically and integrate into the modern world faster. 

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