August 8, 2022

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If you have been tasked with arranging and hosting an upcoming corporate event for your company, it can be hard to know where to start. Even if you have planned events before or have even held ones specifically for your company, every event is different, and new arrangements need to be made. Take a look at some of the questions you should ask yourself when planning to host a successful corporate event and come up with answers that will clarify your tasks.

What is the Purpose of the Event?

One of the first and most important considerations to bear in mind when planning a corporate event is to think about what purpose it intends to serve. For example, will it be a board meeting for all the chief executives, an opportunity for employees from different branches to connect, or a networking and stakeholder gathering? Knowing the purpose of the event will make it easier to plan the rest of the details, such as the venue, catering, and activities.

Who Do You Want to Attend?

The purpose of the event should inform the guest list. For example, if the event is intended to serve as a way for new recruits to mingle with existing employees, you will need to invite these people and prepare an event suitable for their needs. A company-wide networking event requires more space and resources than a board meeting since more people will be in attendance. There may also be higher stakes if the event expects to host important guests such as potential investors or business partners.

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Where Will the Event Be Held?

Once you know approximately how many people will be attending your event, you can start to look at appropriate venues. Look for places that will adequately and safely accommodate the number of people expected to show up as well as taking into account space for catering or break-out rooms. The Venue at Friendship Springs is an excellent option for hosting a variety of corporate events.

How Will You Structure the Event Itinerary?

If your event is hosting a large number of people, it is incredibly useful to have an itinerary for the day and send it to attendees, so they are prepared. Day-long events usually have morning welcomes, various rest breaks, and opportunities for guests to interact with each other. It will depend entirely upon the purpose of the event whether or not the itinerary includes workshops, question-and-answer sessions, or speeches from guest speakers.

Will You Provide Entertainment?

Even if the event you are planning is intended to be highly formal and structured, you may still want to consider including some entertainment at the end to thank everyone for attending. This could be a performance artist, such as a musician or dance group, or activities that guests can participate in themselves such as a quiz or scavenger hunt. When it comes to planning the ultimate corporate event, you want it to fulfill its purpose and leave everyone feeling satisfied with the experience.