August 15, 2022

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For every sports fan around the world, it doesn’t matter your affiliation or what sport...

For every sports fan around the world, it doesn’t matter your affiliation or what sport you enjoy; if you follow general sports news, you’ll know that the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. So, it is not surprising that bookmakers are gearing toward the event, offering different exciting exclusive bonuses to bettors. 

With the event getting closer and the date closing in, we can feel the heat, and we only need three more teams to complete the 32. If your country is already at the World Cup, you know who you’ll be supporting till the end, and in that case, it will undoubtedly be exciting. 

Aside from that, if you plan on betting on matchups in the tournament, you want the best odds and maybe some offers to go with it. Not to worry; many top bookies are already coming up with exciting incentives to ensure that it is easy to bet on your favorite teams in this event. So, let’s see how sportsbooks are gearing up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

Exciting Bonuses to Claim

One thing we can count on is that we will enjoy a lot of exciting bonuses and promotions when the tournament begins. We’re already seeing glimpses of incredible offers with the special World Cup bonuses flying around, even though the event is still a few months away. If you register now and remain active at some sportsbook, you’ll receive special active player offers.

You can use these bonuses to bet on your favorite teams. Interestingly, you can place outright bets now since most of the slots available in the Group stages are almost filled up. Also, with the group stage draw done, you can place bets on options like who will win Group F, who will be the top scorer in Group A, and many more. 

Note that the odds will be better than they will be as the day draws closer and we’re about to kickoff. So, you should know that if you can claim any bonus available, you can certainly get in fast, giving you the chance to win more once the event starts properly. All you have to do is check out top betting sites to claim your special World Cup bonus. 

Outright Odds for Top Teams

Many online bookmakers are already preparing the odds for top teams that have sealed their place in the group stages. And according to the group stage draws, we might get to see some special odds that suggest who might win the competition and take all the glory in Doha. 

As it stands, below are five top teams we expect to make it to the final and take all the glory in the end alongside their odds. 

Brazil +500

The Samba Boys are the favorites for most sportsbooks to win in Doha. Undoubtedly, they have one of the best teams competing, and their qualifiers campaign was one of the best showdowns in the world. So, we expect them to go far in this tournament and maybe repeat their last time out on the continent. 

France +550

Even though they were underwhelming in the just concluded Euros 2020, Defending champions France is still a formidable team. It will take a lot to knock them out of the competition, and the addition of Benzema to the squad just makes it better. They have all it takes to win in Qatar, justifying their current odds. 

England +550

Slightly missing out on the Euros and getting close to the World Cup final in 2018, England has one of the world’s most talented teams. The squad is star-studded that it will take a lot of work for Southgate to fit the right players on the pitch. This might just be their year, and they might go all the way this time. 

Spain +800

The Spanish team has lost its sauce. However, they are building a formidable team that can play as a unit, and with their youngsters getting enough experience, it will be difficult to knock them out. As long as they keep building on their Euro form, they might just be the team to win in Qatar.

Argentina +900

Undoubtedly, 2018 was a bust for the team as they couldn’t build on 2014’s momentum. However, winning the COPA America is something of pride that gives them a bit of hope, and being Messi’s likely last shot at a World Cup trophy, we expect them to make it count. Also, the team has included some incredible talents since 2018. 

Live Streaming and In-Play Options

We know we will have live streaming and in-play betting options to enjoy with the World Cup. Undoubtedly, many sportsbooks will provide a host of betting features to improve the gaming experience, and we can say that in-play betting and live streaming will play a key role in this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament. 

Freebies and Sponsorships

We see many sportsbooks offering freebies to bettors going into the World Cup. We might even see some people get free tickets to watch their teams play in Qatar. These are all plans to ensure that they get the best experience when joining the sportsbook. There is no doubt that this will only get improved with time.

You can participate in different tournaments where you’ll stand a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to watch your country play or follow your favorite player. There are plenty of freebies and sponsorship offers in the works. All you have to do is be vigilant and subscribe to your sportsbook’s mailing list. 

Final Thoughts

As we count down to the World Cup, we can see that many sportsbooks offer many freebies, bonuses, and other incentives. We can only imagine what’s more to come. So, we’ll be looking forward to how everything plays out. But, all in all, bookmakers are ready to give you one of the best FIFA World Cup gambling experiences. 

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