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It’s not how the blunt looks; it’s how it burns. Even experienced blunt rollers find...

It’s not how the blunt looks; it’s how it burns. Even experienced blunt rollers find it challenging to get a blunt to burn properly – slowly and evenly. If you know how to roll a blunt properly, it will enhance your smoking experience and save you a lot of Cannabis that would otherwise turn into smoke.

People usually light a blunt with a lighter, but do you know how to add a little fun to your smoking experience? By learning how to light a blunt without a lighter! You will find this tip later in the article.

Several factors come into play when rolling the perfect blunt, but there has been long-drawn debate on cannabis forums about how to do it. Listed here are some best practices for rolling a perfect, long-lasting blunt based on experts’ experiences.

Four Simple Techniques for a Long-lasting Blunt

●      Use High-quality Rolling Paper

How your blunts burn is greatly influenced by the way you roll your papers. If you want high-quality papers, it’s a no-brainer that you should purchase them from reputable manufacturers. But how do you choose a paper that will provide an excellent slow burn?

According to rolling pros, a thin paper will allow more air to pass through, which will lead to a longer-lasting blunt. Therefore, avoid paper that is too thick and burns quickly, such as cigarette paper and flavored paper.

Rice paper is best if you want your blunt to burn more slowly. Paper made from wood pulp or hemp paper is also an excellent alternative that you can get at your local corner store.

●      Choose the Right Bud

The bud itself plays a huge role in determining the burn rate. Selecting the right bud and strain is the first step toward victory.

For example, uncured buds burn much faster than buds that have been properly cured. When the bud is cured, it retains 10% of its moisture, which prevents it from burning quickly.

●      Use a Metal Weed Grinder

Get rid of that plastic grinder. Its teeth are soft and can’t grind the weed evenly. Metal weed grinders break up your weed into even chunks that burn slowly. Size, surface area, and oxygen content all affect the rate at which a fire burns. As a result, weed chunks of varying sizes will burn at different rates, causing uneven burning in your blunt. Conversely, if the Cannabis is ground too fine, the blunt will become too compact, preventing oxygen from getting in.

Some people like the small, portable 50mm 2 inch grinders for on-the-go smoking. However, something closer to 3 inches in diameter would be great since you can store ground weed in it until you come back to do it later in the day. To have a smooth smoke, grind your weed fine and even.

●      Use Hash Oil

Hash oil won’t just slow down your blunts’ burning; it will also make you higher. Roll the ground cannabis in your rolling paper, and then drizzle some hash oil evenly throughout the blunt. Hash oil is quite sticky, so you could use your dabber to spread it inside or outside the paper, just as you would butter on toast.

There is no right or wrong way to spread your hash oil. As mentioned previously, adding hash oil will significantly enhance the potency of your blunt.

The most conventional way of lighting a blunt is by using a lighter. However, if you are unable to find your smoking buddy and are unsure about how to light a blunt without a lighter, you can simply use other methods like a matchbox, stove, toaster, or candle instead. Though using a lighter is extremely convenient, these methods will serve as great alternatives and will not let the absence of a lighter keep you from enjoying your smoke.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into making blunts burn slower, but they aren’t as complicated as they appear. With these tips, you can improve your smoking experience and the burn rate of your blunt.

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