August 8, 2022

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Advertisement What is a God Roll? A God Roll is a set of perks given...


What is a God Roll? A God Roll is a set of perks given to any particular weapon that, the community believes, will be the most effective within the current meta. There are always some variances in what the best personal perks are.

What is an Igneous Hammer?

The Igneous Hammer was first introduced in Season of the Chosen as one of the new Trials of Osiris weapons and it quickly became one of the most desired weapons in that season. In a sandbox, where 120-hand cannons already trumped supreme, the addition of a new 120-hand cannon with some of the best stats and the capability of taking adept mods and putting them in a tier of their own.

So the Igneous Hammer is good, but what about an Igneous Hammer God Roll? The Igneous Hammer God Roll is Hammer Forged Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Quickdraw, Rampage, with a Range Masterwork! But there are so many other perk combos that this weapon can roll with that can also be great in a wide range of situations.

Igneous Hammer PvP Perk Roll Options

First Slot (Barrel)

Any barrel that increases range, is Hammer-Forged, smallbore, or extended barrel are viable options. The real decision comes with the positive and negative aspects of the barrel.

Second Slot (Magazine):


The ricochet and high-caliber rounds are what you are chasing after here. Increasing flinch with high-cal makes the heavy flinch of rounds even more damaging and gives the range an increase.

Third Slot (Perk 1):

For PvP rolls, Quickdraw is the main perk that is being chased after. Maxing out at the handling stat, Quickdraw covers one of the weaknesses of 120 rpm hand cannons in their slow handling capacity.

Fourth Slot (Perk 2):

In this column, you’ll really want tube Rampage perk for the Igneous Hammer God Roll. With 120 rpm hand cannons, 1 stack of rampage will allow you to 2-Tap guardians which will make it one of the best weapons in the game for taking on multiple enemies.

How Can You Get the Igneous Hammer God Roll?

Sometimes putting in the time and work to get the Igneous Hammer God Roll isn’t possible, so what can you do? Luckily, for those without the time or the desire to grind away, there are Destiny 2 Boosting services that can assist you in your achieving your desires. Many sites, like Sherpas of Destiny, even allow you to take a trial run. Whether you choose to do the grind yourself or use a boosting service, once you obtain an Igneous Hammer God Roll, you’ll never be the same.


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