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Extended Tummy Tuck Advertisement Quick points What it is? The extended tummy tuck procedure is...
Extended Tummy Tuck
Extended Tummy Tuck


Quick points

What it is?

  • The extended tummy tuck procedure is somewhat identical to the abdominoplasty. However, it also aims at the lower back area and the fats on the flanks.
  • The cut goes from the lower part of the pelvis to the low back area.

Is it safe?

This procedure is comparatively safe than other surgical procedures. But, there are some hazards in the process. A patient can develop loss of sensation post-surgery, react to anaesthesia, accumulation of fluid and have little inflammation on the surgery cuts.

Is it convenient?

  • Anaesthesia is given for extended tummy tuck surgeries.
  • The insurance company don’t cover the expenses.
  • Always, get the procedure done by a well-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Total cost and Efficacy

  • The average cost of a tummy tuck depends on the place one stays and also the type of specialist they refer to.
  • Most patients are happy with the results of the extended tummy tuck procedure.

Meaning of Extended Tummy Tuck

This procedure is somewhat identical to the regular tummy tuck. Another term for it is abdominoplasty. However, it aims at the region between the hips and waist, love handles or the flank portion, along with eliminating excess fat and skin of the tummy. Sometimes, this process also aims at the excessive dermis on the lateral thigh.

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Patients, who have reduced weight immensely and have loose dermis, go for a tummy tuck procedure. This gives them a slim appearance on the flanks and stomach.

What is the price of an extended tummy tuck?

The expense of the extended tummy tuck process varies from one doctor to another. Other factors like the area of the surgery and the amount of fat removed, influences the overall cost. Moreover, it covers the cost of anaesthesia and other procedure-related charges. There is no insurance coverage for the surgery. This is because, it a cosmetic surgery.

Some patient claims to get relief from incontinence and backpain after a tummy tuck surgery. An individual will have to take a few days rest from work to recover fully.


How does the extended tummy tuck process work?

This procedure eliminates the abdominal fat and the extra skin and mends the loose or torn muscles. The surgeon cuts to remove the fat and extra skin. The cut usually goes around the lower part of the back. From there, excess fat and skin are surgically removed. The surgeon gives a sleek appearance to the skin, by removing the fat and skin and reattaching the belly button.

Surgical Procedure

  • In the extended tummy tuck procedure, a surgeon cuts in the lower public area, between the hip bones. If anyone already had a C-section, then the doctor cuts the same area for the procedure.
  • Any separated muscle, from the pregnancy, is put together and the skin appears firm. Moreover, complete tummy tucks mend the ripping of the muscles of the abdomen. This condition is called diastasis recti.
  • Sometimes, the belly button is cut off to do liposuction. This takes out excess fat from the abdomen.
  • Any extra skin is removed and it gives a sleek and slender shape to the tummy.
  • Lastly, the belly button is sewed back in its actual place, unless the patient and the doctor want to alter its shape of it.
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Main areas for an Extended Tummy Tuck

This procedure works mainly on the flanks, waist, lower and upper abdomen. Sometimes this procedure is also done on the uppermost lateral area of the thigh.

What are the side effects or hazards of the procedure?

Every patient undergoes mild risks and hazards post the surgery. These issues are:

  • A Momentary loss of sensation after the surgery.
  • Redness on the skin and inflammation
  • Accumulation of excess blood or fluid in the tummy.
  • Another rare case could be a puncture of an internal organ while undergoing the surgery.

What a patient must do post the surgery?

There are a few things that the doctor will tell you to follow for some time:

  • Ways to handle the drainage tubes, if the doctor has used them
  • What kind of clothes you must use
  • The next follow-up appointment
  • Which all activities the patient must avoid doing for some time
  • Whether you can consume alcohol or not and about a few supplements and medicines.

Post-surgery, for a couple of weeks, you will have to rest in a particular position and avoid lifting heavy things. There will be little swelling and redness on the operated area of the tummy.

In almost two-three months the inflammation will lessen and there will be a slight scar. The scar also fades as months go by. So, one can see the permanent outcomes of the procedure within six months to a year. However, the results can change if the patient becomes pregnant or gains weight.

How to prepup for Extended Tummy Tuck surgery?

First of all, visit a good Tummy Tuck Clinic and consult every detail of the procedure with your doctor. Get a blood test done to check the health issues or any kind of problems.

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The doctor will further recommend you to:

  • Stop having anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin and a few herbal health supplements. This will help in proper clotting and prevent worse bleeding conditions during surgery.
  • Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking.

Traditional tummy tuck versus Extended Tummy tuck

The methods for an extended stomach tuck and a traditional tummy tuck are nearly identical. In the extended tummy tucks, the surgeon focuses on the love handles or flanks, located between the hip and waist.

Moreover, an extended tummy tuck is more costly. It takes longer to accomplish, and due to the additional treatment, requires a longer recovery period after surgery.

How do find a proper surgeon? Only a board-certified plastic surgeon can do an extended tummy tuck procedure. So, before undergoing the surgery you must enquire all the details about your surgeon. You can get all the details from a reputed Tummy Tuck Clinic near you.