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When it comes to wedding invitation card designing, there are many things that one needs...

When it comes to wedding invitation card designing, there are many things that one needs to take care of. Right from design, orientation, size, style, to paper type, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make while selecting the right wedding invitation card for your special occasion. Today, we are going to take you through some popular types of paper that can be used in wedding invitations. Selection of paper for invitation cards is something that will lay down the foundation for the rest of the things including font style, orientation, car design, and more.

Let’s discuss the paper…

Different types of paper suitable for designing a wedding invitation card –

The paper types are categorized into two broad categories – standard and premium. Depending on your budget and your liking, you can choose from either of the categories. Where the standard paper category would include the conventional type of paper, there, in the premium range of the paper you will get the options of metallic paper, transparent paper, and more.


Let’s explore the options one by one –

Standard Paper Types

i) 16pt. Premium matte finish

If you are looking for a matte wedding invitation card design, this is the right paper choice for you. It is the thickest of all the papers available for wedding cards in the market. The smooth finish of this paper will leave you transfixed.

ii) 14pt. Premium uncoated finish

Another popular choice of paper is this 14 pt. Premium uncoated. This thick card option comes with a slight texture that provides it with a natural paper feel. So, if you want your wedding card to give a textured look, this paper is the best thing for you.

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Premium paper options

Apart from the above-mentioned standard paper options, there are several premium paper options available in the market. Some of the best options are –

i) Clear 15 Mil Vinyl

This is the transparent card option that reflects the touch of luxury and leaves everyone awestruck. Since it is 100% transparent, it restricts you to choose white ink for printing. On top of the luxurious appearance, this card paper is bendable and thick which makes it even more appealing. So, if you are looking for a luxurious wedding card, this is something that you must consider checking.

ii) Frosted 15 Mil Vinyl

Another very popular choice of premium range wedding invitation paper is frosted paper. This is not exactly transparent but still is close. The contrast of this paper is what has made it a popular choice of paper for wedding invitations. Like transparent paper, this card also restricts you to stick to white ink.

Each one of these paper choices has its own list of pros and cons. Depending on your personal choices and your taste, you can choose from any of these papers. The question is where to check about all this. Luckily, we have everything listed at our portal. You can go through all the details here at our piece on wedding Invitation paper types.