August 15, 2022

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About hookah coals The Hookah Coals are divided into several types as olive, grape, coconut...

About hookah coals

The Hookah Coals are divided into several types as olive, grape, coconut one, etc. It is generally accepted that the best fuel for hookah is coal made from coconut shells. As you know, M ROSENFELD produces only best components for the customers and their pleasure, so the reason of making exactly this type of product is described below.

Coconut coals need the longest firing time, but this makes them the best in terms of heat retention and power generation. Unlike other types of coal, this one does not give an unwanted aftertaste to tobacco and does not produce an unpleasant odor. It also keeps its shape well and doesn’t crumble. It does not crack or spark, so it is not dangerous at all to use at home. These reasons make true hookah connoisseurs choose coconut charcoal.

M ROSENFELD produces environmentally friendly coal without any chemical additives and substitutes. Because of the press technology, the density of coconut coal hookah helps it to leave the least amount of ash and have the best performance. You can enjoy hookah smoking for an hour without changing the charcoal and without worrying about waste.

The coal’s shape

In terms of shape, the rectangle is a generally accepted standard that allows you to use the product in the most convenient and efficient way. Taking into account all the possible characteristics, an ideal set of hookah coals has been created.

How to use this charcoal

At first, you need to light the coals. It is possible to do with a gas stove, an electric stove, or a gas burner. In the first case, you will have to place the coal on a metal grid and find a position in which it will be heated as evenly as possible. In a case of using a gas burner you will need metal tweezers to keep the charcoal constantly rotating for the heating. This method is popular when you need to heat it outside. And if you have an electric stove, then you just need to put the coals on it and cover them with foil.

But the best and the easiest way would be just to use M ROSENFELD Charcoal Burner. Everything you require is just follow this instruction:

  • Turn on maximum power
  • Place coals on the burner
  • Flip half-lit charcoal
  • Remove completely lit coals
  • Use with foil or professional HMD

Coconut hookah coals will be ready when they turn a bright orange hue. After that they can be placed in foil setup, batcha setup or smoke box setup.

Smoking hookah is a special kind of pleasure and should not be allowed to harm your health, so it is very important to choose the right and natural ingredients, because even charcoal hookah plays a crucial role in taste, smell and even safety.

M ROSENFELD takes care of creating quality materials for you, smoke coals for hookahs made using special technology, providing the cleanest, longest and most harmless smoking – this is just one of the many proposals for you.


Now you know a lot more about the importance of fuel in a hookah. Now you know that coal can be different, but not all of its types are good and safe for health, and some manufacturers even add chemical additives and substitutes on purpose, these products then have a very bad effect on health, and you can easily recognize them by the unpleasant smell and aftertaste.

And you know what distinguishes good and high-quality charcoal hookah from bad ones, and why coconut hookah coal is considered the best. Now you know for sure that professionalism is the real reason for trust, and M ROSENFELD cares about quality and professionalism, so you can buy the components for your hookah smoking here and do not be afraid of anything.

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