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In this article, we will talk about how to care for a fresh tattoo and...

In this article, we will talk about how to care for a fresh tattoo and how to heal a tattoo. Nowadays, a tattoo is a great way of self-expression, a fashion accessory and a trick that helps to mask various skin defects. It is very important to follow the rules of tattoo aftercare, to know what must be done before and after the procedure, as well as how to prepare for tattooing the best way.

How to take care of a tattoo

Everyone knows that immediately after applying a tattoo, good care for it will help to quickly restore the skin and save the image for a long time. The first thing a master from tattoo studio recommends is to maintain the skin clean and hydrated without sun exposure, itching or dirt. This way, your tattoo will heal very fast! As soon as the tattoo is ready, the master will take the necessary steps so that your tattoo heals perfectly and does not suffer. Different masters use a variety of methods of tattoo aftercare to protect tattoos, so it’s best to ask the tattoo artist when you need to remove the bandage. After leaving the tattoo parlor, do not forget that the bandage does not need to be removed for 3 hours.

Tattoo care and stages of healing

The tattoo healing process goes like this:

  • On the first day, the skin is inflamed, swollen with mucus and colored ichor.
  • On the second day, the ichor is already separated, the skin gets used to the coloring matter, and an unpleasant feeling of tightness appears. Creams such as Bepanthen Plus can help with healing;
  • On the third day, a crust forms on the surface of the tattoo that itches a lot. To get rid of uncomfortableness, you can regularly pat on the inflamed part and apply a healing cream;
  • From the fourth to the sixth day, the skin begins to peel off strongly, the color of the tattoo fades. The husk should fall off by itself and you don’t need to touch it;

When the itching goes away – the tattoo peels off with the surrounding healthy skin, and then we can safely say that the healing was successful!

Tattoo aftercare – simple advices what to do next?

  • The first thing to do is rinse the tattoo with warm water after changing the dressing;
  • Use antibacterial soap to remove blood or plasma. Don’t need to use a washcloth sponge or brush;
  • Apply a thin layer of a natural moisturizer to a fresh tattoo.

How to heal a tattoo

Human skin reacts to tattoos in its own way. The healing process depends on the following factors:

  • Tattoo healing is easier if the pattern is located on the chest, on the hips, on the buttocks or abdomen. If the tattoo is on the neck, ankles, fingers, then healing process may take longer;
  • The larger the area of the pattern, the longer will be the recovery period;
  • Thin lines heal faster because it does not contain a lot of paint.

How to take care of a fresh tattoo

  • In order not to lose the coloring pigment, it is necessary to properly take care for injured skin in the first days. Experts take different approaches in tattoo aftercare and recommend:
  • In the evening or the next day, you need to remove the protective film pasted by the master and then wash the irritated skin with antibacterial soap. You can not rub the application area as well as lie in a hot bath;
  • After the procedures, it is necessary to blot the moisture with a clean towel, treating the tattoo with a healing cream;
  • It is strongly not recommended to scratch the tattoo and detach flaky skin. Also, in the first week after applying the tattoo, you can not swim in open water, sunbathe, and go to the bathhouse, sauna or pool.
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