August 18, 2022

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Better sex life doesn’t necessarily mean more sex all the time. With a hectic schedule,...

Better sex life doesn’t necessarily mean more sex all the time. With a hectic schedule, work, the kids, and keeping the house clean, it feels as if the normal thing to do is put your sex life last. But that needs to change now. Having a better sex life is not that difficult, all you need to do is cross some points from our list and get to the action, you’ll see the best times of married life come back running at you!

Be Physically Affectionate Outside of the Bedroom


The bedroom doesn’t have to be the only place where you and your partner show your love for each other, physically. Make sure to get “touchy” in a light manner at all times to let your partner know you care about them. Hug each other at least once a day, give your partner a kiss before you leave for work, gently caress their hair, or stroke their back when you’re watching TV, any small affectionate touch will do the trick.

Communication is Key

We’ve all read or heard that communicating your fantasies with your partner is the best way to build a healthy sex life, but the fact is communication needs to go beyond that. When being intimate with your partner, make sure to tell each other everything: things you like, things you’d like to do but need your partner’s consent, things they’ve done to you but you don’t enjoy, etc. It’s also important you constantly speak so you set firm boundaries of what you’d like to do in the bedroom.

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Mix Things Up/ Break the Routine


While adult life is filled with planned activities and you two might feel tempted to follow a routine in the bedroom as well, we recommend doing the exact opposite when it comes to sex. Mix things up in every possible way: try out different sexual positions, make your foreplay a bit rougher than usual, dress up in costumes to see how you feel, start using sex toys, or even take your love to different rooms in the house. Learn more different ways to break the routine to spice things up.

Take Time for Foreplay

Foreplay is usually more important for women than it is for men. This is because women need courtship and more romancing to get turned on. If you want to change the way you experience sex as a couple, start taking your time to engage in foreplay. Find a quiet and comfortable place, touch each other without hurries and kiss each other more than you usually do. When you’re reaching climax, then you can move on to have steamy sex.

Use Lubricant


Although a woman’s body is naturally designed to lubricate itself in preparation for sex, sometimes physical and hormonal factors can affect moisture production. Women who go through menopause or even women who are on the pill experience reduced natural lubrication, which can cause painful and uncomfortable intercourse. To solve this, splurge on a good quality lubricant to add comfort to your sex life. There are plenty of water-based or silicone-based lubricants in the market that you can safely use.

Don’t Overthink/ Try to Relax

While having sex is the perfect way to relieve some steam and cool down, getting in the right mood to do it could be even more stressful. If you’ve had a long day but you want to get in the right mindset to enjoy sex, engage in pleasant activities to relax together or on your own. You can listen to smooth music, chat for a while or you can even practice relaxation exercises such as meditation or yoga.

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Try Kegel Exercises

Did you know that Kegel exercises are not only for women? Both men and women can practice Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles and improve sexual performance. In order to perform Kegel exercises, all you have to do is tighten your belly and muscles just like you would if you were trying to suppress the urge to pee. Hold this contracted muscle for a couple of seconds, then repeat. The good thing about these exercises is that you can do them anywhere, anytime! No one will notice, and you’ll be working to feel better sex.

Take a Romantic Getaway

Sometimes, the block you’re experiencing in your sex life is actually physical. This means that, no matter how hard you try to get in the right mood, the place is just not right or inviting for being intimate. You don’t have to take an expensive and long vacation, but simply change the setting enough for you and your partner to feel in a different place and relax as if you’re in a whole other world. Drive a couple of hours to a beach, a mountain, or a forest and turn off your phones so you can concentrate on each other.

Write Your Fantasies

Fantasies are all about getting creative, and you can exercise your creativity by writing them down in a notebook, either for yourself or for your partner to read. Once you write down your ideas you can share them with your partner to get their reaction or thoughts. Think of movie plots, books you read, or even a sexy song and work out a fantasy from there. Writing down fantasies can be particularly helpful for beginners or people who have a low sex drive.

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Use Sex Toys


Sex Toys are the ultimate way to bring a certain spice to any relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or mature if you’re a wild couple or if you’re more conservative, sex toys are just what you were missing in your sex life! There’s a wide range of sex toys from little tickling objects to vibrators and gadgets to create pain and pleasure. It’s up to you to choose which sex toys you’d like to try and make yourself time to try them out.

Tell Your Partner What you Like About Them Physically

The main ingredient for happy sex life is to know, for sure, that you still give your partner sexual feelings and desire. That’s why it’s important that you never stop telling your partner all the physical things you like about them. Take a few moments each day to give them a compliment: tell them you like how they did their hair today, how that dress looks on her, what you think of their body as they shower, etc…

Go to Therapy


Whoever said sex therapy was for people with troubles was wrong! Sex therapy can be one of the most nurturing experiences a couple can have. A sex therapist takes care of the psychological, physical, and emotional aspects of a sexual relationship and they can give you important insights on how to improve your sex life.

Now that you know some of the best tips to improve your sex life, it only takes a couple of hours to start trying them out. Make sure to be on the same page with your partner and have full confidence so you make your sex better as a team.