May 28, 2022

How Companies Can Assist Empower Individuals with Disabilities

If you want to avoid no-shows in your business to save on employee productivity and reduce employee dissatisfaction in your business, then using an appointment reminder app is the best way to go. Not only can you automate the messages you are sending to your clients and customers, but you can reduce any wasted time and manpower that would otherwise occur in your business. If your employer is not able to do their job because they are waiting on clients – like hairdressers, personal trainers, and real estate agents – you are simply wasting your money by paying them to do nothing.

Avoid this from ruining your business productivity and profit by using an appointment reminder from to keep your employees, customers, and your business happy – but how can you craft the perfect appointment reminder message for your business? Instead of sending gruff and short messages that are going to dissuade personal interaction with your customers, we have a few tips to create personalized, efficient, and effective messages that are ideal for reminding your customers of impending appointments.


Automatic and easy to send

The first way to create the ideal appointment reminder for your business is to automate the messages. Instead of having your employees type out each message and send it at different times to your customers, you can simply customize the message and set up an automated time to send it! This way, if your employees are busy doing other tasks in the workplace, they do not have to remember about sending a text message to a client. Instead, they can simply go on about their day if the automated tasks are left to the apps and computers.


Include the date and time

The next way that you can create the ideal appointment reminder for a business is to ensure you include the date and time in your message. There is no point in sending a reminder to the appointment if you do not say when and where it is. Sending an appointment reminder is key to ensuring the person shows up on time and at the correct location – this is especially imperative if you are a business that has multiple offices.


Personalize the message for your business

The next way that you can create the ideal appointment reminder for your business is to personalize them. Add a nice greeting, and a tagline at the end, and include their name. If the appointment is near the holiday season, you can add “Happy Holidays!” at the end to show you are not a boring and non-personable company.


Include slogans and catchphrases

The next way to create an appointment reminder for your business is to add your slogan. What is your catchphrase? What is something that you always say in your business? If you are Nike, you might want to say “just do it!” at the bottom of your text message. If you are another business that does not yet have a slogan, consider adding one so you can sign off from your appointment reminder in the same way, creating brand loyalty and a sense of unique personalization to your outreach method.


Allow the opportunity to respond

The last way to create the ideal appointment reminder message for your customers is to allow the opportunity to respond. If you do not have the opportunity for clients to respond, they might have questions, concerns, or other aspects that they need to speak about regarding their appointment. Without providing the channel for a response, they will be confused, may not show up, or end up clogging your phone lines during the day. Creating an open line of communication between employees and customers is key to establishing a personal relationship!



If you are trying to boost your daily productivity, reduce the threat of no-shows in your businesses, and keep clients coming back for more time and time again, consider using appointment reminders to clear up miscommunication and create clarity between you and your customers. Using this appointment reminder is the only way that you can ensure your clients will see the message, your employees are not wasting their time crafting each message, and you can deter employees from getting dissatisfied and disgruntled on the job. Using an appointment reminder makes everyone happy – so why not use it!

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