August 17, 2022

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One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the place where East meets West....

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the place where East meets West. Created during the heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Budapest delights and strikes on the spot with its monumentality and splendor of architecture.

In the capital of Hungary, tourists always have something to do. When the first delight from what they see subsides a little, travelers discover that one day in the city is definitely not enough for them to see all its sights. And there are a lot of them here! Check Budapest tours, activities and excursions at our website, to learn more about this beautiful city!

We advise you to prepare in advance before the trip and make a list of places where you definitely want to visit. And our article will help with this.

Let’s start with Budapest itself.

The Hungarian Parliament is the longest building in the country and the hallmark of its capital. In order for the Parliament to fully fit into the frame, it is better to photograph it from the opposite bank of the river or from Mount Gellert. Many tourists specially go on a boat trip to enjoy the mesmerizing spectacle – the Parliament in the evening illumination, reflected in the waters of the Danube.

For beautiful photos, you can head straight to Vaidahunyad Castle or climb the balcony of the Fisherman’s Bastion , which serves as a wonderful architectural background for the Church of St. Matthias .

A sightseeing tour of Budapest in a group or individual format, which can be booked on the Tezeks website, will help to make your acquaintance with the Hungarian capital interesting and memorable .

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Lovers of unusual buildings can go even further and experience the Art Nouveau style with the example of the Gresham Palace or the emerald-roofed Bedo House on the Hungarian Art Nouveau tour by Tezeks in the company of a professional guide.

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To delve into the history of Budapest (literally and figuratively!) Will help the exploration of the complex of underground caves Palveldi Barlang, located right under the city. By the way, did you know that the Budapest metro is the oldest metro in Europe, and going down to some stations, you find yourself right in the 19th century?

Temples of Budapest

The multifaceted and multi-confessional Hungarian capital surprises with a variety of places of worship. In addition to the already mentioned Church of St. Matthias, in Budapest one should see its main architectural dominant – the Basilica of St. Stephen and visit the cave temple of the Pauline monastic order. We also advise you to look into the mausoleum of Gul Baba, the legendary wandering dervish of the Sufi order of Bektashi, whose life is associated with many interesting legends. Be sure to visit the Great Synagogue – indeed, the largest in Europe. Especially impressive are the iron leaves of the Tree of Life with the names of the Jews who died during the Second World War.

Those who are especially close to the topic of religion will surely enjoy a trip to Pecs – the town of “Five Churches”, where there is a monastery of the Pauline monastic order (remember, a cave temple?) And ancient Christian catacombs.

Esztergom – the ancient capital of Hungary

The first inhabitants of the settlement in the Danube bend were the Celts, then the Romans came, and then the Magyars. In the old days, Esztergom was the royal residence, but now this small provincial town is worth visiting for its main attraction. Basilica of St. Adalbert is the largest in Hungary and the Catholic center of the country. 

Vysehrad – the best view of the Danube bend

The next city where you definitely need to stop by is Vysehrad. A fortress rises above the river, shrouded in legends and traditions. Above opens a beautiful panorama of the Danube, and somewhere nearby there is a well-preserved tower, in which (according to rumors) Count Dracula was once imprisoned.

Szentendre – City of Artists and Marzipan Museum

This is where connoisseurs of aesthetics can take their souls! The winding streets, lovingly decorated with flower pots, colorful fabrics, colorful houses – all together remind of either Greece or Italy – you can’t tell right away. You can buy an intricate souvenir not only on the streets of Szentendre, but also in the marzipan museum . The figurines from the famous Hungarian delicacy are made with such love that it is a pity to eat them!

Lake Balaton

The largest freshwater body of Central Europe with a unique microclimate similar to the Mediterranean. Millions of years ago, the sea was lapping on the site of Balaton. Later, thanks to geological shifts and volcanic activity, many thermal springs with healing water appeared in the area of ​​the lake, turning Balaton into a resort.

Lake Heviz

Another record holder: the largest thermal lake in Europe, the temperature in which remains comfortable for swimming both in summer and in winter. The bottom of Heviz is covered with curative mud, and its mineral water is completely renewed every 48 hours. From the resort complex in the center of the lake, you can descend directly into the water to swim among the scarlet water lilies imported from India. Awesome unforgettable experience!

Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca

And again, the only one in Europe! This place is a must see for everyone who visits Budapest. And not just to see, but to experience it literally “on your own skin”. The thermal spring washed natural grottoes with stalactites and stalagmites in the rock, and you can visit them all by moving along the underground river. And also, it is warm here at any time of the year.