August 15, 2022

Let’s Go: Touring And Journey Starter Information

Many families go on vacation by car. Often a boring affair for children. The best...

Many families go on vacation by car. Often a boring affair for children. The best tips on how parents can put in a good mood in the back seat and how everyone can start their holidays happily.

  • Pay attention to a suitable child seat
  • Take enough food with you
  • Schedule breaks

“When are we finally there?”  There is probably no question that is asked more often and that annoys parents more when they are driving on vacation. Because most of the time they have to answer: “Not a long way!”. The way to make sure this question is not asked so often is make sure your drive is comfortable and entertaining and the way to achieve is by using these tips.

Schedule breaks

If you go on vacation with children, you should not drive more than 500 kilometers a day and plan enough breaks, if possible, every one and a half hours. It is best to head for motorway service stations with well-equipped children’s playgrounds or play areas where the little ones can let off steam.

During the breaks, the little ones can also be swaddled. No matter how urgent it may be, please never change babies ‘and toddlers’ nappies while driving, but always head for a rest stop or a parking lot beforehand.

Safe on the move

Children under 12 years of age or 150 centimetres tall must be secured in the child seat. Choosing the right seat is very important. Parents should pay particular attention to good upholstery of the seat. It should be comfortable for both sleeping and sitting position and safe at the same time. You can find best car seats for trucks and SUVs etc on amazon for really good prices.

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It is also important that no loose objects can fly around in the car. If the tablet, DVD player or laptop is not in use while driving, they must be stowed away safely. Otherwise, they could be shot to death in an accident.

Provisions lift the mood

Well-strengthened, the mood is usually better. Therefore, families should have a bite to eat before starting the trip and have enough food with them. It’s best to pack something that doesn’t crumble or drip – that saves trouble in the car. Small children should only be given something to eat during breaks. In the car, there is a risk of choking or injuring themselves with a bottle or spoon when braking hard.

Drinking enough is also important. It is best not to give the little vacationers any carbonated drinks, as they can be easy on the stomach. Water, tea and juice are better tolerated.

Speaking of beating your stomach: if your stomach does rebel, always have one bag close at hand, preferably several at once.

I can see what you cannot see

Instead of constantly having to turn around from the passenger seat to check on the children, we recommend installing a second interior mirror. So, you have everything in view.

To do something against boredom, games are recommended. Tablets, DVD players, laptops and books can help, but children shouldn’t look down too long to avoid feeling sick. So why not use classic guessing games? “I see what you can’t see” is fun on every drive – no matter whether young or old. Also recommended: audio books.

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Driving safety with kids can be boiled down to these main things. We must always make sure that both we and our little ones are secure in the car when driving. We must make sure they are properly entertained and it does not matter if it’s a long trip or a short one. Proper sustenance is also very important during long trips and with that comes breaks so that not only everyone can relieve themselves and stretch their legs and lastly don’t let anything distract you while driving.