August 17, 2022

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Most people with restricted mobility cannot easily climb stairs. This is where these vertical platform...

Most people with restricted mobility cannot easily climb stairs. This is where these vertical platform lifts are used. A VPL (Vertical Platform Lift) is also known as a porch lift or wheelchair lift. This is the most commonly used mobility equipment that is used by wheelchair users to get access to top floors. While this is considered as one the most convenient options for people stuck in wheelchairs, power chairs, or mobility scooters, it is also very affordable. There are several different VPLs available in the market depending on the needs of a person. On top of it, a good thing about these vertical lifts is that there is a possibility of customization. Depending on the needs and the accessibility requirement, there are different Vertical Platform Lifts readily available in the market. These types of lifts are – Enclosed VPLs, Unenclosed, Portable, and Inclines VPLs.

So, in simple words, Vertical Platform Lifts is a type of mobility device that is often used by people with restricted mobility or people on wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or power wheelchairs to get access to the stairs.

Now that we have discussed – what is a Vertical Platform Lift, let’s get to the part where we will discuss some of the benefits of these VPLs.

Benefits of Vertical Platform Lifts

Apart from giving access to wheelchair users to top levels and stairs, these VPLs come with a lot of benefits. However, the condition is – you must choose them carefully.

  • Smooth & quiet – If you have chosen correctly, you will be able to get a Vertical Platform Lift that is quiet and operates smoothly. More and more manufacturers have managed to achieve this. So, you no longer have to get irritated with screw noises while on Vertical Platform Lifts.
  • Safe – Another benefit of investing in Vertical Platform Lifts is that it is safe and convenient for wheelchair users to use. This equipment is designed with a lot of safety features like under pan, emergency lowering device, battery backup, etc.
  • Customizable – Another advantage of investing in these VPLs is the availability of customization. These Vertical Platform Lifts can be customized according to your requirement. For example, if you want to add polycarbonate walls and gates, you can easily get it done.
  • Quick Installation – For people who are looking for a quick solution to their accessibility problems, this Vertical Platform Lift option is life saving. It can be easily and quickly installed by professionals.
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These are some basic advantages of getting Vertical Platform Lifts that we thought of sharing with you. In addition to this, there are several different models and types of VPLs available in the market with additional and attractive features. So, while you are out shopping for these Vertical Platform Lifts, make sure you do your research well. We highly recommend checking the EZ Access Vertical Platform Lift collection. They have all the latest mobility equipment including VPLs. Here, we are sure that you will find an excellent variety of safe and secure VPLs. All their equipments come with warranty which makes it a perfect one stop mobility solution shop online.