August 15, 2022

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Taking care of your skin and keeping away from damage and ageing are critical aspects of our skincare routine. While some people have regular checkups with their dermatologist to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, for the best skin tightening treatment, several dermatologists are located near you. But then it becomes a severe issue when you begin to search for a dermatologist for MOHS surgery near me.

Because it is a technical and invasive procedure which requires technical expertise and dermatological experience, we need to look out for the best in the business. Therefore, finding a skin cancer surgery clinic could be a challenge.

But before you begin to search for the Mohs surgeon near me, it is important to note that few things about the surgical procedure and how it may impact your overall health condition in the long run.

1. What is MOHS surgery, and how does it works:

The treatment for cancer removal cells has evolved over the past few years, and therefore, now dermatologists recommend you to go for Mohs surgery to remove cancer cells from your skin. Thus, they perform a surgical procedure in which cancer cells are removed from beneath the skin surface bit by bit to the layers of the tissue, where they make sure that no cancer cells are left behind.

2. How to prepare for Mohs surgery:

When your dermatologist has recommended going for the Mohs surgery, it is essential to take care of a few of the essential elements. Like those who are suffering from any other chronic illness like a heart condition or have already suffered from a surgical procedure, one needs to talk to the health care provider about it. Because the health care provider will take into account your health care condition and how they have to prepare you for the surgical procedure.

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Moreover, if you are also taking some of the antibiotics and other medications which are responsible for the treatment and other conditions, then you must ask your dermatologist whether you should look forward to continuing your medications or if you need to stop them to undergo the treatment.

3. The procedure:

Once your health care provider pronounces the day for the surgical procedure, now it’s time for the Mohs surgical procedure to begin. It is essential to note that although you are undergoing the process of surgery, it could be painful with other invasive treatments.

But with MOHS surgery, it is not as painful a process as you might think. Mohs surgery is a minor procedure that is used to remove cancer cells.

However, the dermatologist cut the skin generously to remove any chances of cancer cells around the area of your skin which was affected by cancer.

Once the part of the skin is removed, the dermatologist then takes a deep look at the process till they are finally able to remove the part of a single cancer cell that is present on your skin.

After microscopic inspection finally, the procedure is completed, and then you are able to get rid of cancer cells on your skin. It is important to note that the wound created by Mohs surgery is often stitched, but at times the part of the skin is left to heal with the wound open.

The decision to stitch your wound or to leave them open often depends upon the nature of the wound that is created after the removal of cancer cells.

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Therefore, if you know a person who underwent Mohs surgery and didn’t get any stitches, but some other person has contracted them, then the difference purely depends upon the number of skin cells removed from your skin, rather than the point of difference in the method of treatment.

4. Why should people have to go for MOHS surgery:

One of the most important things to note that people are recommended for MOHS surgery is because it has a high rate of treatment, and in most cases, it has resulted in a positive response.

Moreover, in areas of the face like under the lip, eyes or at the back of your shoulder, a little invasive procedure is preferred.

It is also recommended for some of the most dangerous forms of melanoma which is considered to be another most destructive form of skin cancer that is known to date.

Thus, when you are suffering from skin cancer, one of the best and the most recommended treatment for the disease is to go for Mohs surgery.

But before you choose to go for the Mohs surgery, one needs to understand the whole procedure. Make sure to look out for the dermatologist who is known to have treated the patients and also has resulted in positive results.