June 26, 2022

5 Confirmed Methods to Improve B2B Gross sales

When it comes to business travel, efficiency is key. You need to get where you’re going and get the job done. There’s no time for delayed flights, long layovers and hotel mishaps. You need the quickest and most efficient transport methods to get around.

Business travel came to a halt during the pandemic. As the UK returns to normal, business travel is slowly coming out of the woodworks. However, many businesses now reserve international travel for essential purposes only. There is no need to travel across the world for a meeting that could be done over a video call.

If you need to travel for business, here are a few ways to make your trip quick and efficient.

Commercial travel

It’s no surprise that planes are often the fastest way to travel to another country or continent. Some methods of flying are much quicker than others. For example, a commercial flight from New York or Hong Kong will take up to 16 hours. There are endless layovers, delays, long security queues and waiting times in the airport. Commercial travel is more affordable – but it can take a very long time.

Private jet

A private jet can get you to your destination much faster. You have more control over the schedule, and you don’t have to wait hours in the night for connecting flights. The private aviation company Vista Global can fly straight from New York to Hong Kong with no steps. They are the only private aviation business operator to do this – making Vista Global 20% faster than other private firms. You can jump on the flight and be home in no time at all.

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If you don’t need to fly to your destination, you could travel by car. Hire a local company to drive you from A to B while you catch up with work. Some company cars have Wi-Fi and drinks available for the passenger. You can work through your emails, enjoy your coffee and arrive at your destination in style.

Long national distances

Travelling from one side of the UK to another is a different beast altogether. A first-class train journey is often the fastest method of transport. However, you will need to add any stops and connections to your journey time. Trains can be unreliable and tend to get delayed all the time in the UK. But the rail network stretches to remote towns all over the UK and makes it easy to get to obscure locations. You never know where your next meeting may be.

Countrywide travel

In some cases, it is quicker to fly across the UK instead of catching the train. The distance needs to be long enough to justify the flight. Private aviation companies can hit a top speed of 400 to 700mph. They can get you to know your destination in no time at all.

Make your next business trip the fastest one yet.