August 8, 2022

What Errors you Must Keep away from Whereas Choosing a Software program Know-how in 2021

Custom t-shirts are more than just casual apparel. They can be a form of expression,...

Custom t-shirts are more than just casual apparel. They can be a form of expression, a keepsake for important group events, or a gift to someone special. And because custom t-shirts are so meaningful, many aspiring individuals create designs to enter today’s continuously booming t-shirt printing industry. Many thrive in the business, too.

If you want to try selling your unique designs, keep reading below to know some of the more common technical mistakes you should avoid. 

Poor Image Quality

One of the first things to keep in mind is the image quality of your design. If you’re grabbing a photo online and making a few tweaks, ensure the final artwork is high resolution. A print-ready professional image should have a high resolution of 300 pixels and not lower to ensure you don’t have a blurred output. 

Too Many Colours

Using too many colours is overwhelming to look at, and it can be expensive. For instance, with t-shirt screen printing, the more colours you use for your design, the costlier the item becomes, especially if you’re making multiple orders. Unless using many colours makes sense for your design, try to use at least one to three colours. 

The Three-Font Rule

Fonts play a big part in your t-shirt’s design. The text should be readable and have a typeface that fits the message you’re trying to convey. Sans serif fonts are for simplicity or minimalism, while serif fonts are more formal and are used for publications, like most magazines. 

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Choose the proper font style for your design, and you can certainly mix and match. But keep in mind that one basic printing rule is using a maximum of three fonts only. Using one to three fonts will prevent you from having a crowded design. 

Using Outdated Designs

There’s always a new t-shirt printing business popping up here and there, offering unique designs to the market every time. The endless design possibilities make the t-shirt business a consistently booming industry today. But, if you’re offering a style that came out five or ten years ago, competing against the market will be difficult.

These new businesses thrive because of their uniqueness and for following a current trend or making one. So make sure you aim for that. 

Poor Design Placement

A good design is nothing with awkward placement. The ideal location for a t-shirt design is in the front or the back. You can go full or half and centred or pocket-sized on the right side in the chest area. Placing your design in the belly area is not preferred, but talk to your t-shirt printing supplier for guidance if you insist. 

Low-Quality Fabric

Finally, great design doesn’t matter if your patrons find your shirts itchy or uncomfortable. After all, t-shirts are everyday apparel, which means you want your customers to always feel comfortable. So they can flaunt your unique design every time they want. 

But aside from comfort, you also want to feel and look legit, and quality materials can offer that. 

Make More Quality Shirts With Fewer Mistakes

Customized t-shirts are meaningful. So always aim for eye-catching designs that follow all the technicalities mixed with comfortable wear. 

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Finally, one of the essential aspects of t-shirt printing is having a trusted t-shirt printing supplier, so all you need to worry about is creating a killer design that will dominate the market.